With a back-story of residential home construction and property management, FCML’s history runs deep. The inception of Fieldgate Homes in 1957 saw the beginning of a trusted business that flourished and expanded.

Using their expertise to venture into the commercial world, Fieldgate Commercial Properties was born from the recognized need for quality commercial developments.

Capitalizing on their success and reputation, Fieldgate continued to explore opportunities in the commercial world, forming FCML (Fieldgate Construction Management Limited). As a leader in the development of commercial properties across the GTA, FCML has also created a niche in the areas of design/build, joint- venture construction partner and general contractor. This forward thinking approach, along with unswerving attention to detail and quality has steadfastly entrenched FCML as a leading force in the industry.

Property Types

Today, FCML also designs and develops private and public sector properties including:

  • Prototypical and A-prototypical small, mid and big box retail stores
  • Commercial condominiums
  • Retirement residences
  • Community centres
  • Churches
  • Municipal buildings
  • High-rise buildings